Bumble Bees Garden Maintenance, Customer Testimonials.

Here are some Testimonials from our customers.

Mrs Wilshaw - Heald Green

I'm a regular customer of Bumble Bees. Most of the work they do for me is general garden maintenance, cutting lawns, turning over borders etc. I have also had them do some landscaping work for me, mainly to tidy the garden up a little. I'm not as young as I used to be and they help me with a lot of the heavy work, leaving me to concentrate on my plants and enjoy the garden. It isn't a very large garden, and sometimes I don't need a full hour, so they only charge me for work done, although I normally find them something else to do, to fill the hour.

Mrs Kay - Hazel Grove

Bumble Bees have been maintaining my garden for over five years now. It's a rather large garden with extensive lawns and a lot of borders that need to be taken care of. Too much for me to manage on my own. My late husband used to spend a lot of time working on the garden, since his death I have increased the hours that Bumble Bees do for me. Their rates are very fair and they always do a good job.

Mr and Mrs Crocker - Cheadle

We have the gardens done once a fortnight by Bumble Bees. Most of the time it's just getting the lawns cut, and keeping our hedges in shape, during the spring and summer. In the autum they clear leaves from both the front and back gardens for us, they even clear the leaves from our pond.

Mr and Mrs Davies - Gatley

Bumble Bees were brilliant! We needed the garden landscaping at the last minute to hold a reception for our babies Christening. The place where we orginally wanted to hold it was booked on the date we needed, so we decided to have it at home, but the garden was in a mess. No other gardeners could get the job done in the time frame we needed, or had such a good quote for the work involved. Would recommend them to anyone.